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way back in augest i submitted my "Here come a lion, father" drawing to a art contest within my community. only minutes later did i read the rules and realize it had to fall under the theme of "helping your community."

anyway i had completely forgot about it until a friend of mine texted me just a moment ago stating that she voted for me. So i went back to the site and discovered all the art submitted can now be voted for. And well i'm sort of embarrassed because mine actually doesn't even follow the rules ...

So i'm rather conflicted as to if i should go out and tell people to vote for me or if i should just let it be. i mean i don't think it would be far if i won considering i didn't follow the rules. The prize is $1000. And well i could make the lion drawing work if only i could change the title i selected for it.

How could a lion possibly show helping the community? well in my city we have a small organization called "The Lion's Club" and they help the community by donating can goods and such.

So yeah ... here's the link anyway guys :/…
  • Mood: Embarrassed
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October 22, 2012
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